Each team plays each other twice, Home and Away – both games are played in the same sitting.

The first scheduled Home team hosts the match and is responsible for the following:

  • Contacting your opponent to agree on a suitable date and time to play
  • Hosting the match
  • Saving a copy of the game when finished
  • Taking a screenshot of final Player Ratings screen which shows Match Score, Goals Scored and/or any Red Cards given
  • Posting result and screenshot in discord group results channel

At least 2 games per week must be played by each team up to a maximum of 5 matches per month



All matches will be played on Football Manager Touch 2019 using Versus mode

Home team hosts each match and is responsible for adding/inviting opponent via Steam – opponent can also join by selecting “Join Online League” and locating the server being hosted by Home opponent.

Use “League” format and choose “Play Each Team 2 times” as the default format – this will ensure proper Home and Away scheduling of fixtures. If you are not friends with your opponent on Steam, make sure “Allow anyone to join your game” is ticket.



If a player is sent off after receiving two yellow cards – suspended for next game

If a player is sent off after receiving a straight red card – suspended for next two games



Press “Pause” when making a tactical change (shouts and quick subs/change of mentality etc) not included) and message your opponent to advise

If game crashes/freezes during match play – take a screenshot of the score and time, restart the match and play the remaining time on the clock. When finished, add the scores from each game to get the final score (e.g. if game crashes when Player A is winning 2-0 after 60 mins, restart the game and play another 30 mins. If replay finishes 2-0 to Player B, overall score is 2-2)

If a team has received a red card during the first game (before freezing) – that team must drop that player for the replay and play their substitute goalkeeper in that position for the remaining time. Player that received the red card will also be suspended for the next game. This is the closest we can get to replaying as FM will not allow you to start a game with 10 men.



Must be posted in the Results channel by the Home team manager along with screenshot

Please include any goal scorers & red cards                                                                          

Both players should check the result once posted, any disputes must be settled between the two players        


   Check out the league table and fixtures here

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