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Quite simply – I am a football / Football Manager mad fan from the West of Ireland, I’ve been playing FM since the CM2 days and have bought the new version every year since. I am also a lifelong Newcastle United fan (7 year old me has a lot to answer for), far easier watching them in the game than in real life and I have spent years managing them through thick and thin within the FM world (as well as watching them struggle in real life 😩).


Recreating that famous celebration aged 10 (spot the Newcastle fan)

Taking #NUFC to new heights

My obsession with Football Management simulation games all started with Sensible World of Soccer (1995/1996), which was literally light years ahead of its time in terms of detail and global team/player information. In Sensible Soccer I found something that was lacking for me in other football games I had played up to that point – not only could you pick the team and control tactics/ substitutes etc, but here was a game where you could also buy and sell players; actual transfers with monetary amounts and negotiation between clubs! For me it was a revelation, a complete change of scene and an opportunity to apply a lot more thought and insight to football simulation in addition to being able to play games and control teams.

My (now ancient) copy of SWOS 95/96 alongside the Best XI from the game based on value

However, as time progressed I found myself wanting more in the game, more competition and challenges and overall more reality in which to thrive as a (simulated) football manager. The confines of the game meant that only the user’s team developed and improved with time, however other teams would not do the same (i.e. they would not buy or sell players themselves unless I bought/exchanged from them), and this meant that the game would become somewhat static around you from season to season – enter Championship Manager!! I discovered the game by chance at a friends birthday (aged 9 or 10), and after a long period of negotiating (which involved swapping SWOS for CM2) I brought the game home, never returned it and the rest as we know is history…I have bought, played and obsessed over every version of the game since and here I sit (aged 32 years and 4 months old) writing about it with the same enthusiasm I held all those years ago.

Remnants of my CM/FM (and SWOS) collection

My introduction to the Football Manager online community came through FMWEC, where I was fortunate to be selected to participate in the first ever Football Manager World E-Sports Championship (organised by the legends at Bidstack). I managed to top my group of this epic 64 man competition winning 3 games out of 3, eventually crashing out to @AccessEuphoria in the last 16. It was here that I met 63 other FM fanatics many of whom are huge contributors to the FM community (including eventual winner Daniel Fry aka @fryman7) – I also had the privilege of meeting arguably the greatest CM/FM legend of all time, the legend that is Cherno Samba (@samgerfc) – an FM milestone that was only topped by a visit to the Sports Interactive offices at the end of 2018, the home of Football Manager.

FMWEC 2019

Sports Interactive Offices with @fryman7 & @FMTrequartista

The FM Journey Wall

Since then I have really enjoyed getting more involved in the FM Community, playing in a few online tournaments (winning the FM Premier League in 2019!) and primarily blogging throughout FM19 (Tenerife), FM20 (Newcastle and Greuther Furth), FM21 (Angers SCO) as well as a number of general interest FM articles which I have published on WeStreamFM.com and for Football Manager’s The Byline.


@MaddFM ready for action

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